What is BEMER?

Healthy microcirculation is vital to the cardiovascular system, and vasomotion is a process in the microcirculatory system that assists the heart in delivering blood to the smallest vessels in the body. Improving healthy microcirculation, through the targeted stimulation of vasomotion, is the primary goal of BEMER physical vascular therapy.* BEMER devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field – abbreviated as PEMF – to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. The BEMER signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels to promote needs-based distribution of blood.


 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This device is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Science of BEMER

BEMER Benefits Explained

The Circulatory System


Supply and Disposal


BEMER Therapy


Good and Poor Blood Flow Video

 See the difference between healthy blood flow … and slow-moving, waste-filled cells struggling to transport the harmful elements away from vital organs. 

How Can BEMER Help?

If you’re learning about BEMER for the first time, it’s important for you to know about microcirculation … so you can fully conceptualize the positive impact BEMER has on personal health and well-being.

The BEMER Difference

Thanks to the research at our partner universities in Europe, and at the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, Germany, we can show you actual footage of the incredible effects BEMER can have on the circulatory system. These videos show microvessels operating inside the human body. The smallest blood vessels in the


Here, you’ll see an area in the body where the blood flow is compromised. Notice the constriction of the microvessels, some of which are hardly wide enough to allow a single cell to pass. 


 Here, you’ll see a different area of the body on which the BEMER signal has been applied; the difference in circulation is clear and dramatic. 

The Patented BEMER Signal


Interested in Research and Studies Behind BEMER?

"The Human Microcirculation - Regulation of Flow and Beyond” Read the study that helps explain why microvascular dysfunction is a powerful predictor of cardiovascular events and new approaches for treatment and prevention.



Carla Gilmore, Nutritional Microscopist

Carla Gilmore, Nutritional Microscopist discusses how BEMER helps the body at a cellular level. 

Dr. Catherine Onuoha

Dr. Catherine Onuoha, PHD, RPH, BCPP, CPH talks about her experience with BEMER.

Dr. Lyda Tymiak Lindell, MD

Dr. Lyda Tymiak Lindell, MD discusses her experience with BEMER.

Lisa Henke and Dr. Barbara Bourland

Lisa Henke and Dr. Barbara Bourland

Health and Wellness Coach

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